Victoria Marchbank: an embittered woman

This is the first profile blog on my horror novel Retribution. I plan to provide profiles on all of the main characters in this my first horror novel which was originally written in the early nineties. I will explain my reason for the ‘originally’ tag a little later in this blog.

So, if you are all sitting comfortably, I will begin. Or at least as comfortably as it is possible for you to sit when I am going to reveal to you the tortured workings of a deranged mind. For, in truth, you would have to be extremely imbalanced to seek out the help of The Devil in all his unruly guises. As you will have already picked up on from the main blog in this section of my site this is precisely what Victoria Marchbank did when she lost her two children to the ravages of the plague.

But Victoria’s mind was long gone well before she decided to sign her secret pact with Satan. She slowly descended into a dark place leaving all of her former joys behind her. But then much of her happiness came through her children so when they passed away her life soon spiralled out of control.

What made Victoria believe Doctor Mathewson, a well-respected practitioner in the neighbourhood, was responsible for the deaths of young Edward and Norma-Louise? What put such a crazy notion into her head? But this was not all. She then came to the conclusion that he had been in league with God and that they had worked together to end the lives of Victoria’s dear children.

Victoria portrayed all the signs of an insane person as the horror of her children’s tragic deaths hit home. But instead of sinking into her own world, removing herself from those around her and living a solitary existence she put plans into operation which had extreme consequences for many people.

She wanted to hurt Doctor Mathewson in every way a man can be hurt. So she returned as a ghost following her startling death and committed one grisly deed after another. As I described in my main blog on Retribution this involved sacrificing a child once every twenty-one years. These were all supposed to be descendants of the doctor.

The graphic nature of these sacrificial ceremonies, with the victims being stabbed in the stomach and then thrown into a raging fire while they were still alive, only served to highlight the anger Victoria felt for the doctor. It was an insatiable anger which could not be appeased. She needed to kill one child after another as this was the only way she could feel she was getting even with Doctor Mathewson. She needed to know he was suffering like she had suffered.

However, it did not matter how many children died at her hand: she could never be satisfied. And so the deaths continued from the mid-nineteenth century right through to the twenty-first century. This is where we meet Lucy O’Neill, a shy, plain girl who is intended to be Victoria’s latest victim.

At first, it seems like Lucy is going to be very easy prey for Victoria to feast on. She is a bit of a loner and has no friends to call as her own. But this will change as time goes on. Not all of these children will be of a mortal persuasion. Child ghosts of Victoria’s victims will appear to her in the nearby woods and will play a leading role in what is then to take place.

But back to Victoria. Some sort of religious crisis seems to come over at the point her children die. Previous to this calamity she had been a devout churchgoer, but this all changed following the deaths of Edward and Norma-Louise.

Soon after losing her children she talks a walk to the church and when there she vents her fury at God. The minister is in attendance and is shocked to hear Victoria express herself in such an unchristian way. But Victoria is unrepentant. She leaves the church with a firm avowal that she will have the last laugh on God.

It is not long after this that she enlists the help of the Devil which sets in motion all of the horror which is to follow. Returning in her ghostly garb and with the ghoulish assistance of The Hooded Ones, who act as her servants throughout each sacrificial ceremony, there seems to be nothing that can stop her endless reign of terror.

It remains to be seen if Lucy will be able to save herself. Will Doctor Mathewson come to her aid? This seems unlikely. After all, he has singularly failed to help any of the previous children who have died at Victoria’s hand. Why should this suddenly change?

I spoke earlier of ‘originally’ writing this book in the early nineties. What did I mean by this? Well, although I always liked the novel I thought it needed a lot of work doing to it so I made the decision to rewrite the second half of the novel. This is something I have been doing for some time now and this ‘second coming’ is drawing to a conclusion now. I’ve brought in some interesting new ideas which I believe makes the storyline stronger. I look forward to once again composing the final scene where Lucy comes face to face with Victoria. I am sure it will prove to be as apocalyptic as the first time around.

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  1. Mark, how is the Lady in Red selling? When are you thinking of publishing a new book?

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    • Hi Sergey. Unfortunately The Lady in Red is not selling well at all. Have not sold a copy for months now. I am publishing a book soon but it is not in the horror field. By the way could you follow my site again. For some reason you have dropped off my list of followers.

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