My Horror Blogs

In this branch of my site you will discover many delights which I hope will satisfy your thirst for all things horror! Within this section I will be delving into all aspects of my horror world. This will involve an in-depth look at characters from my novels, personal inspirations and my favourite horror novels from other writers in the field.

I look forward to sharing all of this and much, much more with you. I am also toying with the idea of offering tutorials to my loyal readers. In these tutorials I will give details of all that goes in to writing horror fiction. I will take you through the process of thinking up ideas, any planning which goes on before the story is begun (which, in my case, is not much but I will give you my reasons for this in due course: how’s that for whetting your appetite?!), the formulation of characters, plot development and so on and so forth. Really there are so many things that make up a horror novel of substance and I can’t wait to share these illuminating criteria with you when the time comes.

It is my firm intention to build up this part of the site in the coming weeks and months. In dong so it is my desire to make this a place you can come to again and again to discover interesting new insights into the world of horror fiction. I promise you there will be plenty of surprises waiting for you here. Just makes sure when you do enter into this labyrinth of blogs that you keep a watchful eye out for what may be lurking round the next corner. You never know: you might come across a ghost or a witch or even a demon possession which will startle your senses. Just be sure to come prepared for all eventualities: that is all I ask. I am not the ghostly traveller for nothing. This is my world you are entering into now, so please be sure to be on your guard at all times. It is, after all, better to be safe than sorry.

So, now I have spooked you out with my crazy talk and this sinister face looking back out at you I believe it is time I took my leave for the present. Please remember my words to you: take special care when entering this deadly zone. But rest assured once you navigate around all of the dangers which lie in your path a safe haven will be opened up to you. I will welcome you into my lair with a warm handshake and a wish that you will enjoy your stay.

The Wonderful World of Horror

I find there is something magical about the world of horror fiction. The possibilities are endless in this greatest of all literary genres. I have a particular passion for writing supernatural tales. This stems from my childhood when I gained a fascination for ghosts which is something that has never left me. I very much…

Why I Write Horror

I think the picture above is as good an explanation as any as to why I write horror fiction. Who would not be thrilled by a scene such as this? A full moon peeping through a dark cloud base at night with a church shooting up into the sky. It has dark and sinister connotations…

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