The Sublime Graham Masterton

I have been a big fan of Graham Masterton’s work for many years now. I would rate him as one of the most inventive horror writers around today and certainly my favourite British author of horror fiction. He has covered many areas of the horror spectrum from cannabilism in his novel ‘Ritual,’ to underground creatures in another novel ‘Chosen Child’ to a character who is recovering from a horrific injury he suffered in a brutal mugging in yet another engrossing book entitled ‘The House that Jack Built.’

The cannibals in ‘Ritual’ liked to go around in black-hooded cloaks: don’t ask me why!

There are occasions when Graham pushes the envelope slightly close to the edge which borders on the sadistic but he never takes this too far. He may take his readers to the very brink of hell but he always remembers to rein them back in again before they slip into a bottomless pit which they will never be able to dig themselves out of. He does not want to bury his readers in a coffin ten feet underground giving them no chance to extricate themselves from this awful predicament. No, he would not be so cruel. He needs them fresh and alive so he can take them on his next venture into the unknown.

I have collected a number of Graham Masterton novels over the years and have never once been disappointed in his storylines. I find them inventive, well-thought out and endlessly entertaining. I become engrossed in the action right from the off and keep my sense of anticipation going right to the end of whichever of his books I happen to be reading.

I have mentioned three of his books but there are many others I could mention such as ‘Night Plague,’ ‘Flesh and Blood,’ ‘The Hymn’ and ‘Spirit.’ All of these novels are worth a mention and are well up to the standard of the books I mentioned above. There is always a freshness and creativeness to Masterton’s work which cannot help but please the reader.

I would encourage anyone looking for something extra in horror fiction to seek out Graham Masterton’s novels. They will be amply rewarded with some of the most startling and exciting storylines to be found anywhere in the horror genre.

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