Requests Time!

To commemorate passing the 300 mark in total views since my website’s inception I would like to throw the ball back into your court, my faithful viewers. Is there any branch of the horror field you would like me to turn my attention to? I know this covers a lot of ground but I am interested to know the way your minds are thinking. So please tell me: what subject matter would you like me to blog about?

Maybe you have a penchant for vampires? Or if the draining of one’s blood is not quite your thing, perhaps you love to hear tales of a werewolf’s cry under a full moon? Then there are the delights of witchcraft. Yes, horror comes in many guises and it would be my pleasure to delve into whichever area you would like me to explore.

The ghostly traveller is here to please. So step into my lair whenever you care to and seek out my views on all things horror. It will be my personal delight to act on your suggestions. I want this website to be thought of as a two-way street between myself and my loyal viewers. Rest assured if you request something of me I will do everything in my power to ensure it is fulfilled. You have merely to ask.

Please leave a comment regarding your suggestion and I will get back to you promptly. Who knows? You might very well be the instigator of a new and engaging blog. Then a true feeling of team work could be said to be opening up between the blogger and his public. I look forward to hearing from you wherever you are.

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