My first Tutorial

Welcome to my first tutorial blog. Here I will delve into my personal box of tricks as a horror writer. I will open my studio door to you and share the inner workings of my mind. This might not be a comforting experience for you. After all, I will be exploring the world of my…

My Second Tutorial

Hello everyone and welcome to my long-awaited second tutorial on the art of horror writing. Today I want to touch on one of the inventive ways writers can produce ideas to give their work that extra special something which is all important in getting ahead in the world of publishing. So let’s start with dreams.…

My Third Tutorial

This is my third tutorial on the art of writing horror. It covers the five senses and what makes a character an individual in his own right.

Villains of the piece

In this tutorial blog I explore the psychology of villains in horror fiction giving examples from my own work.

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