This is a website for anyone who has a penchant for horror fiction. I have had a life-long love affair with the macabre and look forward to sharing my passion for the supernatural with like-minded souls. There is a special magic which surrounds the horror genre. Whether it be in the book or film world there is nothing quite like it. The stories which abound of restless spirits coming back for revenge or to ensure that loved ones can be assured they are safe in the afterlife are legion. They speak to our souls, to that part of ourselves which needs to find peace.

There are many wonderful practitioners of this noble art. I touch on a number of them in the section of this site which goes under the title of My Influences. I already have a blog about Graham Masterton and Stephen King up and running. Look out for other horror writers on my site who have touched me in a deep way and made me, in turn, the sort of author I am today.

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