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Midnight Mass: Strange goings-on in a tightly knit community

Midnight Mass is a Netflix series which involves an island community who are searching for something to bring meaning to their lives. This arrives when a young priest appears amongst them offering a bright new future to all who would listen to his words.

Alan Noble: Lends his Support

This blog is about Alan Noble, husband of Fiona, in my horror novel The Cornwall Ghost Story. It explores his support for a wife who is in much need of this support dealing as she is with experiences which are out with her understanding.

Heaven Can Wait

Please enjoy one of my ghost stories. This is the first of many I will be posting on my site.

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The Lady in Red is a horror novel which I published on http://www.amazon.com as a kindle. You can purchase it via my amazon author page which can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B08XPRNCCK

A Brief Synopsis of The Lady in Red

In this novel I explore the world of bodysnatchers. I have always been fascinated by these somewhat shady characters who would steal out in the dead of night and dig up graves and make away with the corpses which lay underground. So I went back to the 1830s when this business was rife and brought in two such bodysnatchers or grave robbers.

At the beginning of the novel I have these men discussing their line of work in a tavern one night. Jack Farley suggests to his partner Will Dreghorn that it would be a good idea if they gave ‘a helping hand to death’ seeing as bodies were ‘thin on the ground.’ Will is horrified by this suggestion. He wants no part of Jack’s murderous intentions. But in the end he has to agree to the plan as Jack holds something over him. If he does not go along with Jack’s scheme he could find himself in prison. So that night they commit the first of many murders so they can accrue bodies which they can sell to a local surgeon. The doctor requires them for dissection purposes so he can uncover remedies for deadly diseases.

Later in the novel Jack returns in ghostly guise in the modern day and creates more mayhem. There is a battle between good and evil which runs through the rest of the novel which draws the reader through to the gripping conclusion.