4th Excerpt from Evil Deeds

In this blog I would like to share another excerpt from my horror novel ‘Evil Deeds.’ In this excerpt Sara Mathews has been playing hide-and-seek with her brother but everything has gone very quiet. They usually have a time limit of ten minutes to find each other but twenty minutes have since passed by. She wonders what could have happened to Tim. They have been playing outside and a few moments later she hears a wailing cry. It seems to be coming from a nearby field and so Sara decides to investigate. It is not long before she finds out who the cry belongs to:

“It’s a girl,” she realised as she looked with astonishment at the figure which was charging across the grassy plain in something of a blur.  “But where’s she going? Why’s she in such a hurry? Is she desperate to get somewhere quickly, or is she running away from someone? Maybe that’s what that cry was about.  It could be that she was frightened by something and so that’s why she’s running: because she’s scared.”

As Sara tried to advance closer to the girl, she noticed that the object of her fascinated interest had come to a screeching halt.  It was as if she had heard Sara approaching which had made her stop rudely in her tracks.  But no, this proved not to the case.

For approaching from the left as Sara looked there appeared another child.  It was a boy and he was calling out to the girl as if to catch her attention.  He had certainly been able to achieve this aim.  However, as Sara continued to look on transfixed at the scene which was being played out in front of her, she came across an unsettling discovery.

“Hey, Tim!” she cried out in dismay.  For such was the boy who had appeared so suddenly into view, as if by magic.  “I’m over here! Come on: what are you doing with this girl when you’re supposed to be playing with me? God! What’s got into you?”

To Sara’s distress, Tim made no attempt at answering her baffled remarks.  Why was this? she pondered in a rueful fashion.  As she approached her brother and the mysterious girl who he seemed to have befriended, Sara became yet more unnerved by proceedings. 

As she once again called out to Tim, there was no sign that he even noticed her presence.  It was like she was invisible to him and no matter how hard Sara tried, she was simply incapable of getting through to him.  Even when she walked up to the two children who were now stationary, one of whom was usually as thick as thieves with her, the other a total stranger, she could see no flicker of recognition from either child in her direction.  It was as if she wasn’t there, like her presence in this field was a figment of her own imagination.

“This is crazy,” muttered Sara in a baffled tone.  “I mean surely you can both see me.  I’m standing right next to you, for heaven’s sake! Why won’t you say anything to me? Tim! We’re supposed to be playing hide-and-seek, so why are you with this girl? And I’d also like to know why you’re ignoring me like this.  That’s not very nice of you, Tim, and I don’t see why you have to treat me like a stranger.  Oh, God! This is completely dumb.  Why it’s…”

Sara put a stop to her remarks as she glanced in more detail at the girl standing next to her brother.  Hey, she thought, I know her from somewhere.  I just know I do,  But where? I mean she doesn’t go to our school, I’m sure of that and I haven’t seen her playing around here before.  So, why does she look familiar to me? Unless…

“My God!” she whispered in raptures of disbelief.  “It’s one of those girls in my dream.  But that can’t be! There’s no way she can be standing here now: that’s impossible.  I imagined her, so how can she be…”

Sara’s vocal outpouring of her confused feelings surrounding the mysterious girl soon came to a shuddering halt.  For she noticed there was something going on between Tim and the object of her musings.  They appeared to be talking to each other, doing so in a vehement style, but no words were coming out.  Or at least there weren’t as far as Sara was concerned.  For it was as if the two children were taking part in some sort of miming exercise.  Their lips were moving, but no sound could be heard by Sara.

“Hey, you two!” cried out Sara in astonishment.  “What are you doing? Why can’t I hear what you’re saying? Oh, this can’t be happening.  It’s just so…”


Sara almost jumped out of her skin as the expression of her sentiments were rounded off in this style by another girl who had just appeared on the scene.  Turning round to this new arrival with a stunned look, Sara noticed a familiarity about this girl, too.  It did not take her very long to come to terms with where she had seen her before.

“Hey!” she burst out incredulously.  “You’re that girl who I talked to in my dream, just like her over there.”

“Oh no,” responded the girl in a smiling way.  “It was no dream you were having, I do assure you.  However, you are right to say you have met me before.  If you can recall to what must be a fraught mind, my name is Emily while my sister Rebecca is the girl you have just pointed out for my attention.”

For a moment Sara’s only response was to stare back in a dumfounded way at Emily,  However, as stunned as she had been by recent proceedings, she managed with an effort to pull herself together long enough to ask her companion what was going on.  Why, she wondered of Emily, did Tim and Rebecca act as if they didn’t see her?

“Oh, there is no acting involved,” assured Emily.  “You see, Tim and Rebecca are not really with us at all and so that is why they cannot see us.”

“Huh! And what the hell is that supposed to mean? Of course they’re with us.  They’re standing right in front of us, so would you stop treating me like an idiot and tell me what’s going on here? I mean I had enough of your rotten behaviour towards me the last time I saw you without you starting it all over again!”

“Yes, but that was for your own good, Sara.”

“My good?” shrieked out Sara.  “How can you calling me names and treating me horribly be for my good? That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Oh, but it will in time, believe me.  We have had very good reasons for treating you the way we have.  This will soon become all too apparent to you, Sara, never fear about that.”

“Never fear!” echoed Sara, as signs of deep aggravation threatened to overcome her.  “Look: I’ve heard quite enough of your clever talk.  I want to know why Tim and this Rebecca person are ignoring us.  Oh, I can understand it in your sister’s case.  After all, she was just as cruel to me last time as you were, and that goes for your brother, too, wherever he is.  But I don’t see why Tim’s acting like this.  I mean we’re usually so close.  It’s just so…”

“…Bizarre?” put forward Emily in a knowing way, as she once more finished off Sara’s words for her.

“Yes, that’s exactly what it is,” shot back a stern Sara.  “So, why don’t you explain to me what’s really going on here?”

“Ah! But that is exactly what I was doing.  As I’ve already told you, neither your brother or my sister are with us at this moment.  Oh, I know that may be difficult for you to understand, but nonetheless it is how things presently stand.  You see, Tim and Rebecca are on a different time dimension to ourselves…”

“What? How d’you mean?”

“Well, while they may appear to be standing in front of us at this present moment, this is not so.  Instead of such a situation taking place, they are cohabiting this field as it was a long time in the past, not as it is now.  For Tim has been taken back in time to the middle of the nineteenth century…”

“Eh?” quizzed Sara in a startled way.  “But that’s impossible.”

“No, it is not, Sara.  It has been done many times before and such a feat will be accomplished many more times in the future.  Where do you think you were taken when you had what you thought was a dream? Why, you experienced the same sensation as Tim is presently going through.”

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