Death Note

In today’s blog I want to take a look at an excellent horror film I came across on Netflix a few nights ago. It is called ‘Death Note,’ and revolves around a high school student who is sitting on a bench during break time when the heaven’s open and a savage wind starts blowing. Suddenly a book falls from the sky and lands by his side. He picks the book up which has the title of Death Note on the cover. Fascinated, he places the book in its backpack and heads off to his next lesson.

Light Turner, the student in question, is a little mixed up. Although a smart student he has a tendency to get into trouble. One day he finds himself in detention and decides to take a look at the strange book he discovered earlier that day. As soon as he does so a storm seems to sweep around the room much like had happened outside earlier on. But how could a storm blow inside a school building? After the dust settles, he hears a voice which is somewhat sinister in nature. Soon after a tall figure appears in front of him. He does not seem to be from this world which sets Light on his guard.

As it turns out, the figure is none other than a demon. It is he that has passed the book onto Light. He explains to him the purpose of the book. There are a list of names written inside the volume. These are all people who have died. The previous scribes have written down the names of people who they wish to come to an unsavoury end. The demon suggests Light might want to make use of the book. Surely there is someone he does not care for who he would wish to see the back of? This is his chance to achieve this.

As it turns out Light does have someone in mind who would fit the bill. This is a school bully who has been making the lives of his fellow students a nightmare for some time, including Light. The demon is aware of this and eggs him on to commit the deed. He tells him all he needs to do is to have a picture of his victim in his mind and his full name and write the name down. While Light is writing the name down he is looking outside and lo and behold the bully is causing more mischief to an unsuspecting pupil. However, the demon tells him he does not have to stop at the name of his victim. He can also write down the cause of the death. He puts down decapitation which impresses the demon. One weird circumstances follows on from the next in the street below resulting in the bully losing his life and his head.

After recovering from the shock, Light is amazed by the power the book possesses. When he returns home he realises he can finally gain a measure of revenge on the man who had murdered his mother but who had got away with the crime on a technicality. Soon after his father bursts into his room to say the hoodlum had been found dead. This sets Light thinking the amount of good he can do with this power. He can strike back at the worst perpetrators of evil in the world who have got away with their crimes. It is not long before he is going after mass killers and terrorists.

This is where the storyline really starts to get interesting as Light comes up with a group name as a signature mark to every resulting death. At each crime scene this name keeps appearing. Everything points to the fact that this group of vigilantes hail from the far east but soon enough it transpires ‘they’ can be narrowed down to the Seattle area where Light comes from. Indeed, it now becomes apparent it is not a ‘they’ but a ‘he’ who is performing these executions.

When Light begins to go on his vigilante killing spree, one of his fellow students helps him along. This is a girl he has always had a crush on and they soon become lovers. She is going to play a leading part in the action right to the movie’s gripping conclusion. To top everything off, Light’s father is a police detective which makes things increasingly tricky for the youngster.

This is a very inventive movie which kept me on the edge of my seat right from the first moment when Light discovers the ‘Death Note’ book. There is a lot to be said for the use Light made of the book. Killing off murderers and terrorists merely by writing their names down in a book would seem to be a good way to go. However, once you go part of the way along this course you have to go the whole way. To begin with it was an easy task to rid the world of these monsters. However, from the moment the police put a mastermind in tracking down criminal minds on the case Light faced an uphill struggle to keep ahead of the chasing pack. I found the action in this movie thrilling as one plot twist was set on top of another as the storyline roared towards its cataclysmic conclusion.

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