A Big Thank you!

This blog is a little different to my previous ones. I want to take time out from my usual blogging on horror themes to offer up a very big thank you to all of the people from around the world who have taken the time and trouble to check out my blogging site. It means a lot to me that I have been able to touch base with readers from around the world. So I wanted to make sure you all know how much I appreciate your support of my site and I can assure you I will be doing all I can to meet the demand of my growing readership.

I am thrilled whenever I check out my site and notice the views I am getting and where in the world these views are coming from. It is exciting to know that people are reading my blogs from the most unexpected places. It makes me want to write better and better blogs so that I can retain this readership and provide them with the content they deserve. It is a special situation for any writer when they know they are being read throughout the world. It means that despite the fact some people live in very different cultures, whose daily lives are very different to my own we can still communicate with one other through my blogs. They act as a form of connecting point between us all. This element of a closely knit community being formed right in front of my very eyes is extremely heartwarming to me and I wanted all of my readership know that I will endeavour to retain this feeling inside of me always.

I promise to continue to give my best to each blog I write. I spend a long time going over my blogs. The actual writing of them doesn’t take very long. But then that is often the way of it when I settle down to write. A warm feeling always comes over me whenever I am writing anything to do with fiction. Whether it is writing a book or a blog it is all the same to me. I become almost mesmerised when I find myself in front of my computer screen and start tapping away at the keys. No, it’s not the writing of the blogs which takes the time: it’s checking them over to make sure they read well and deciding on what pictures to insert into the blog. Let’s face it: adding pictures to a blog makes all the difference and I always try to be as inventive as I can with them. I want the pictures I select to resonate with the message I’m trying to get across to my readers.

I have a lot of interesting and exciting ideas for my site moving forward and will be looking to incorporate them into my blogs very soon. I can assure you I have been taking note of the popularity of my individual posts via the stats I receive. It seems the character profiles I provide of key players in my novels are quite successful as are my tutorials. So you can expect more of those, but I am also looking to branch out into other areas I have not gone into much so far. This rests with complete stories, reviews of horror tv series and films and the authors I particularly admire. There will also be plenty more book reviews in the offing, as I have received some good feedback about my previous reviews.

In closing for the time being I want to assure all of my fans out there that I will move heaven and earth (and everything in between) to continue to progress this site and to always come up with surprises for all those who browse its pages. I hope you continue to support the site and that you will spread the word about it. Tell your family and friends about it, tell your acquaintances, tell your long-lost relatives. I am eager to reach out to all of those folk who enjoy a good scare. I will do everything in my power to be deserving of the faith you have placed in me.

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